Prayer Requests

1. Chuck Towne is in Haiti working on the new poultry project, surveying hurricane damage and preaching several times.  He has become quite ill, possibly from heat exhaustion and dehydration.  He is the only American on this trip, but the Haitians are working hard and serving with him in their usual diligence and faithfulness.  Please pray for Chuck’s health and strength, the completion of the poultry project start-up and the ministry of the Word through his preaching.

2. We continue to pray for Adam and Dora Szabados in their time of grief from the recent death of his father and her grandmother. 

3. Adam also asked prayer for a fellow pastor who needs a new furnace to heat his house, which is especially crucial as winter approaches.  All who desire may contribute to this need at church on Sunday, October 30th.

4. We continue in prayer for Andrew Sutherland in his long road to recovery from the auto wreck several weeks ago.  

5. We prayed for Jack and Dorota Palmer as they visited a longtime friend for a birthday party and are seeking to bring the gospel to him.

6. We prayed for the Thompsons in India and the ministry there.  We also prayed for Vivek Jones as he prepares to be the speaker for our upcoming church-wide retreat.   

7. Tim Kruse asked prayer for salvation for his brother and a co-worker.

8. We thanked God with Joan Eads that the tests and examinations on her wrist did not indicate the need for immediate treatment.