The Haiti Collective

Cornerstone’s Commitment to the Gospel in Haiti


Haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere. Haiti’s seemingly hopeless cycle of poverty is a result of a strong social class system in which a small group of ruling educated elite oppress a large population of uneducated peasants. Haiti has a long history of governmental instability driven by self-interests of its leaders rather than the good of the people and the use of violence as a means to gain and retain power.

Cornerstone Baptist Church is committed to bringing gospel transformation to Haiti through our mission partnership with The Haiti Collective (THC). THC is a collective of like-minded US churches who have made a long-term commitment to indigenous Haitian churches affiliated with the Society of Christians in Haiti (SCH).

Cornerstone has been actively involved in mission work in Haiti since 2013.

We share The Haiti Collective’s belief that the local church provides the best vehicle to deliver lasting change and transformation to individuals and communities, and because of the church’s submission to Christ as Lord, we believe the best stewardship of effort, time, and resources are administered through the local church.

The the joint mission of The Haiti Collective and the Society of Christians in Haiti is to make disciples of Christ, train and equip church leaders, and plant new churches. Together they also support SCH affiliated churches who have taken up the responsibility of caring for the fatherless by providing a school for orphans and vulnerable children in their community. In addition to educating orphans, they also provide food security, clean water, access to medical care, and most importantly, the opportunity to hear the good news of Jesus Christ and believe in the gospel.