➔ What is a typical worship service at Cornerstone like?

A typical worship service at Cornerstone Baptist Church is ultimately and intentionally God focused. We enjoy worship through singing that glorifies God, prayer that draws our attention toward the heart of God, Scripture reading that sets our minds on things above and foundational expository preaching. Our service is family friendly; kids 4 and up are encouraged to join their family in the worship service.

➔ How can I get involved at Cornerstone?

Getting involved is perhaps the most rewarding aspect of being a part of Cornerstone Baptist Church. We are most satisfied in the Christian walk when we are using our God-given talents to serve God and each other. From our music ministry, to nursery volunteers, Sunday School teachers, Community Groups, outreach and visitation, Cornerstone is always willing to match talents with needs. Any one of our Elders or Deacons can point you to where you can get involved and serve.

➔ What is the dress attire for worship service?

It varies greatly. Some wear suits, while others are in blue jeans. We just ask that you dress modestly when coming to the worship service.

➔ Cornerstone identifies itself as a Reformed Baptist Church, but what does this mean?

Historically we identify with the Protestant Reformers who set out to make positive change in the church by restoring the Word of God and the Gospel of God’s grace to its rightful and authoritative place within the church. We believe that a healthy church is one where the Word of God is clearly seen and heard all the way from the nursery to the pulpit. The reformers had a saying Ecclesia Semper Reformanda, which means that the church is always in need of being reformed by the Word of God. Cornerstone is committed to this as a body.

Doctrinally we affirm that salvation from sin is a gift from God that is by Grace Alone, through Faith Alone, in Christ Alone, revealed in Scripture Alone, and bringing Glory to God Alone. We believe that God is sovereign over all things and that there is no aspect of reality that fails to come under His absolute control. This includes salvation. Man is responsible for his sin and in love God comes to draw us into relationship with Him. Jesus made our salvation sure when He died on the cross. The Holy Spirit overcomes our rebellion by causing us to be born again to new life and faith in Jesus.

Distinctively we affirm that the proper mode of baptism is the baptism of disciples alone by immersion in water. Others within the Reformed Tradition hold to paedo-baptism. While we embrace these dear brothers and sisters we also confess that the Bible is the ultimate authority on the matter. We are convinced that the clear teaching of the New Testament is that baptism is for believers only and by means of immersion in water as a symbol of our union with Jesus Christ in His death, burial and resurrection. For a more detailed explanation of our position on baptism see our Statement of Faith and check out Pastor Justin’s sermon on Believer’s Baptism.

➔ What is the difference between prayer service and worship service?

Cooperate prayer takes a concerted effort. At CBC our prayer service is a time for families to gather for a brief moment and focus on nothing but communing with the Father. Prayer service involves thanksgiving in an intimate, quiet setting, we voice our concerns and requests to one another. Our prayer service is on Sunday mornings at 9:00am.

➔ What will my kids be doing on Sunday morning?

We invite families to join us for elder-led prayer at 9 am and then group bible study/Sunday School begins at 10 am. We use The Gospel Project, which is an in-depth but age appropriate curriculum that walks through the entire bible over a three-year span. Corporate worship begins at 11 am and we invite families to worship together. We provide a nursery during worship for kids up to age 4. We also have an overflow/cry room that is equipped with sound and video of the service and this room is located just outside the doors to the auditorium.

➔ How do I become a member of Cornerstone?

Membership is taken seriously at CBC. Anyone can walk an aisle, or sign a card, but Cornerstone membership requirements reflect our church’s commitment to be an involved part of the congregation. Membership entails a credible public profession of faith, an interview with one or more of our Elders, a desire to serve as part of the Body of Christ, and finally, Church body approval. If you are interested in becoming a member of our church, please see one of our Elders.

➔ What involvement does Cornerstone have with missions?

Cornerstone Baptist Church considers it a joy to be actively involved in various missions! We believe strongly in Christ’s command to “go and tell”, and as such we place a high priority on spreading the Good News of the Gospel. We support missionaries financially as well as prayerfully. Currently there is ongoing mission work in Haiti several times a year, a mission family in India, and we partner with a sister church in Hungary to support Gospel work there. VIsit our Mission page to learn more.

➔ Are there Bible Studies offered during the week?

Bible study programs need to grow and change according to the needs of the members. As of 2015, there are ongoing Ladies’ Bible Studies, a men’s John Calvin reading group, and several one on one discipleship meetings. But our main small group study ministry is through our Community Groups.

➔ When does Communion take place?

Communion at Cornerstone is a reverent, blessed memorial of the Lord’s redemptive work for sinners. We celebrate Christ’s death and resurrection with a public service on the first Sunday of every month. Two out of every three months this service is during the 9:00am prayer meeting, while once a quarter we celebrate it during 11am worship. The Lord’s Supper is not restricted only to church members, but it should be taken only by believers.


 1399 Elm Drive, Wylie, TX 75098

Service times:

9:00 AM – Prayer Meeting
9:30 AM – Fellowship
10:00 AM – Sunday School
11:00 AM – Worship Service